Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Excitement!

So Halloween is almost here and this year I decided to go with a more friendly costume, since the last two years my Costumes have been kind of scary lol 
Last year, I went Trick-or-Treating with my girlfriends and her little kids but I think my Costume made cry to more than one kid, this is why i am choosing to be a clown for this year.
I already got my costume, still need to make a lot of changes to it and add colorful things to it.
I think it will come out pretty cute.
I even found this read shoes at the Thrift Store, which I found even funnier.
I bought red bands to make my own suspenders for my costumes and couldn't find BIG bright colored pants, but will go with the black ones I found and just add some colorful patches. 
I found a read nose at the Dollar Store but did not convince me. My friends says she has one that has even the wholes so if she lets me use it, then I got all I needed!
Very excited for this Halloween, we are all going to Church and then to some "Rich Houses" where they give good candies. lol 
So I will be keeping you all posted with this Halloween Excitement Blog.
Thank you all for reading ! Don't forget to leave a comment, I love them all! 

This was me, two years ago:
[Regan, from The Exorcist]

This is me last year, I was a zombie. lol 

This year I have decided to dress up as a Clown,
just so that the little kids don't get scared at me,
but I think some will since Clowns are not 
cute at all. lol oh, well!

Hope you all have a great Halloween, I will be posting more pictures and maybe a tutorial on how I did my costume and make up for that day! 

Love you all!

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