Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Animal Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

So the time is almost here and I been kind of busy on my baby shower decorations since now I have more time for my self. I will be starting to work only twice a week since I can hardly do most of the hard stuff I used to do before.
Sometimes when I wake up I feel kind of depressed that I am working only part time but I mean, time will go by faster than I imagine and I will be back sooner than I thought so I guess I should enjoy my free time.
So as I was saying before. I been pretty busy doing my own decorations for my baby shower.
I have seen so many ideas on baby showers for boys, but the one that really got my attention is been JUNGLE ANIMALS. cute!
So here are some of the ideas that I have in mind and I started doing the centerpieces because I found the cutest tin buckets at Michael's.

I still need to get me more because they ran out of them, so they will call me when they get more of them.
My husband decided to make a baby shower not just for women but for the whole family.
So I will be having lots of people to come over my house.
I been thinking on getting a bounce house for the kids since lots of kids will be running around my house. =]
So today I am 29 weeks and 2 days and I'm pretty excited for everything, my nurse is been coming to my house and been showing me a lot of information that I have never imagined before. She is really getting me ready for the big day.

I am kind of anxious because from the illustrations and all those pictures she shows me about labor, it seems like it will be a very long day and knowing me how I get when I am when stressed out or freaking out I hope that I keep calm and don't release all my stress on my partner.
We will definitely need those Lamaze classes to get ready for the action.
So here are some of the ideas I already have for the baby shower, starting from the centerpieces.


  • tin bucket [whatever size you would like, this one right here is 6'' tall.]
  • flat wooden jungle animals [bought these already painted from Michael's, 4 for each bucket]

  • hot silicone or fabric glue like the one I love to use . [from Beacon Adhesives]

  • basket/bag shred [ I used bright colors that will match the party balloons]
  • wood sticks [I found these at the dollar store, I think they are used for some kind of Chinese food]

  • 12'' inch chenille stems [ colors that will match your event] 
  • a piece of foam that fits in your bucket to hold the sticks from moving. 
  • decorative or plain color ribbon to attach your tags.

  • tags or print out a circle like me and just add a thank you note.


*glue the sticks to the wooden animals and leave them overnight for a more firm and strong hold.

* place the foam inside the bucket, I bought the one that is 3-7/8" x 3-7/8" and cut them in halves so that I only used one half for each bucket.

*Add the shred to the bucket until it reaches the top or as you desire.

*stick the animals to the foam very careful, do not break them when trying to stick them in the foam.
you can add 4 if you want or just three like I did.

* Attach the thank you tags to the sides wit the ribbon, I just used the regular drawing program from Google.
hole-punch the side of the circle to put the ribbon.

*curl the chenille stems with your fingers to twist them around the sticks and add a little bit of color.
If you wish you can just paint the sticks and don't use the stems. Whatever you would like, this is the way I decided to make them.

* you can glue them or just twist them around the sticks.

And here is the final result!

total amount spent on this centerpiece: 

bucket: $ 4.99 each
wooden animals: $ 1.00 - $3.99 
chenille stems : $1.00 bag
foam squares: $1.00 each
ribbon : $2.99  12 ft 
wooden sticks: $1.00  bag  [50 pieces]
adhesive bottle : $8.99
shred : $ 1.00 bag enough for 2 buckets

You spend around $10.00 per centerpiece and still have materials left.

I hope all of you enjoyed my tutorial.
 I'm still waiting for other decorations to arrive on the mail like animal print table cloths, balloons, banners ...
I think I will be going crazy!
I love decorating but when doing my own baby shower, everything I see and I like I want to get even when I shouldn't .

So see you guys until the next post! 


Brenda and Baby Sebastian =] 

for more on this post click HERE 


nikki said...

I loved your center pieces i just had to do them for my baby shower i just altered them a bit i used ceramic pots and painted them according to my color scheme the pots where $1.19 each and did the animals the same as you and i filled the center pieces with candy instead but thank you so much for posting this :)

Brenda Gonzalez said...

Hello Nikki! I'm very glad this post helped you out with ideas for your baby shower! Would love to see pics if possible my email is smartshopper805[at]hotmail[dot]com

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