Tuesday, February 22, 2011

16 weeks update

omg. time is flying by so fast!
I remember when I was a few weeks and was very excited and nervous about the whole pregnancy experience.
Many of you know on The first day of the year I had a hemorrhage  but my Doctor said it was normal, that sometimes during the first three months lots of things happen in your uterus...
When I first got to the ER they were preparing me for the worst and told me it could be a miscarriage and of course I was super afraid and devastated it could be my case.
They told me to go home and just wait...Imagine! I would cry all the time thinking my baby's life was on risk.
This is when I first found out through the ultrasound I was carrying just one product.
I being curious before this happened because since my Mom is a fraternal twin I thought I could be having twins too. But I saw the baby that night and knew it was just one.
Three days past by and the bleeding stopped thanks God.
It was really scary at the moment. I been having problems since I was 20.
My pap smears have come abnormal before and I thought this was the reason why I was having all these problems right now.
Today I am 16 weeks and 3 days.
I am very excited because I can already see my baby bump.
The first trimester was kind of rough because of what happened and because it was really hard for me to eat as I used to.
I was always nauseous and didn't want to eat that much.
Now everything seems to be going back to normal.
Since it's my first baby I thought it was going to be like in the movies...throwing up for everything and all that but I never threw up or felt like fainting.
I thank God We are doing better right now. I been taking Iron pills because I was low on iron on my last blood test but I think it's normal, I mean I understand the first trimester it was really hard for me to eat so that is why I turned out a little bit anemic.
Very excited to know what my baby's sex will be. Maybe one more month and I hope we can see what we are expecting.
Thanks for reading everybody!

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