Thursday, May 26, 2011

Belly Laughs

So I been reading all these medical books about pregnancy, from symptoms to what I should expect in my first years of motherhood and honestly I got bored and scared of some of the stuff I read in these books.
I know it shouldn't be that way, I need to be prepared for what is coming, the inevitable.
I think I have an idea of what really is coming, and of course, not all pregnancies are the same.
What I'm more concerned about is gaining weight or either if my baby will be born with some mental illness or something. All these thoughts come to my mind every time, and I think it's normal. All things that I have never experienced before are a mystery to me.
But I remembered the other day that my sister in law let me borrow this book about pregnancy. This book is called "Belly Laughs" and was written by Jenny McCarthy, yes, that same girl from the Playboy Magazines. Yikes!
I loved this book and decided to share my thoughts with you about this book.
I know and have read a lot of reviews where people says that this is a book that by no means is good as a medical guide , but this is what I been looking for since all those books just made me more anxious about what I'm expecting about pregnancy and labor.
A book that I felt, was like a real girlfriend sharing her more intimate thoughts with me. I personally loved and laughed lots of times with this book.
I read it in about a week but if you are an agile reader or someone who can sit for hours to read, you can be finished in just a few days.
Here are little pieces of the book that really made me laugh and I felt really identified with.
Believe me, you DO NOT have to be knocked up to enjoy this book.

Here is a whole Chapter for you to enjoy from "Belly Laughs"

Hands off, Dude! 
(strangers touching your belly)

"It would be great if we lived in a world where strangers weren't so strange. In civilized society, people don't just come up to you and touch your stomach. If  they did, you might have them arrested! so why do people think it's okay to come up to pregnant women and pet their bellies?
Now, I know most people mean well, but I would imagine that you'll feel as protective of your belly as I did mine. And as a general rule, I think they should all ASK FIRST, don't you agree? I remember a couple of times when I was wearing a tank top that showed a bit of my bare belly, and total strangers (once a completely greasy guy) would think that the expose skin was ok to touch. No, off limits! Back off. The people who touched me are just lucky that I didn't bite their hands off like a guard dog. Woof! Woof! Stay away.

One particular encounter with an old Jamaican lady game me the willies on top of making me angry. I was walking down  the street and she stopped me, placed her hand on my belly, and she began chanting a voodoo-like prayer. I was in such shock that I couldn't move. Maybe it was wandering mind syndrome(see page 95), but before I had time to kung-foo her, she was already gone. I was so freaked out afterward that I got my ass home and scrubbed my belly, saying my own Catholic prayer.
The one exception to my rule of ASK FIRST was when other pregnant women touched my belly. I think you'll agree that there is an unspoken camaraderie between all pregnant women and you want to share the moment every time you see each other. There is that knowing look and smile we give each other as we pass. So I say, if another preggie wants to touch the belly, she can go right ahead. But the door is only open to those of us in the knocked-up club."

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